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Strategy’s Three Key Challenges

Strategy’s Three Key Challenges strategy Strategy’s Three Key Challenges Strategy   s Three Key Challenges
Strategy’s Three Key Challenges

I. Framework:  Internal and external.

Exactly where are we right now?

Essential questions for Strategic Framework:

What are the environmental opportunities and threats?

What are the organisation’s strengths and weaknesses?

What is the fundamental objective of the organisation?

 How does culture form strategy?

II. Content:  Strategic choices.

Precisely what is our approach to make things happen?

 Essential questions for Strategic Choice:

How ought to business units contend?

Which businesses to include in the portfolio?

Where ought to the company remain competitive globally?

Is the organisation innovating properly?

III. Course of action:  Development and implementation.

How do we want to make it realized?

Essential questions for Strategy Development & Implementation

  Which strategies are applicable, appropriate and attainable?

 What sort of strategy-making process is required?

 What are the needed organisation structures and techniques?

 How should the company cope with adequate changes?

 Who ought to do what inside the strategy process?

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Strategy’s Three Key Challenges ?

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