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Overview of The Dissertation/Research/Thesis ?

The overview of any academic research is being constructed mostly in seven chapters; introduction, critical literature review, research methodology, data presentation and analysis, findings and discussions, conclusions and recommendations and personal development.

Each and every chapter in the research ought to be focused on sophisticated issues, approaches, processes and methods where all the chapters contribute to accomplish aims and objectives. Nevertheless,  the overview of each chapter involved in any dissertation is illustrated below;

Chapter 1: Introduction

The introduction chapter entails research introduction, background and context, key research questions, research aim and objectives, research problem and analysis, rationale of the research, scope of the research, profile of the company and related elements. These are the sections to be discussed coherently in introduction chapter.

Chapter 2: Critical Literature Review

In chapter two, appropriate and sophisticated literature’s related to the research title, scope, research problem and aims and objectives have to be explored, evaluated and analysed critically with proper evidences. This chapter helps to discover the gaps and evaluate findings for further developments.

Chapter 3: Research Methodology

The research methodology chapter comprises research philosophy, research approaches, research strategies, time horizons and data collection methods.  As part of this, you should adapt and use appropriate or suitable methodologies that fits to you research questions, aims and objectives.

Chapter 4 Data Presentation and Analysis

In data presentation and analysis chapter, appropriate and sophisticated statistical tools and techniques should be adapted and used in order to present and analyse the data based on the data collection (primary/secondary sources).

In this process, the key tools such as tables, diagrams, pie charts, graphs and other relevant tools can be used to present and analyse the data in an effective way.

Chapter 5: Results and Discussions

Results and discussions chapter is primarily focused on evaluating findings by taking critically reviewed literatures, research gaps and primary/secondary data analysis.  This is a central part of the research where it impact on conclusions and recommendations.

Chapter 6: Recommendations and conclusions

The recommendations and conclusion chapter is emphasised on summarising findings based on results and discussion, and making valid recommendations. This chapter has to be developed on the basis of understanding, analysing and evaluating results and discussions. This chapter also helps to outline future work or further developments.

Chapter 7: Personal Development Plan

The Personal Development plan chapter is mostly an optional. However, it is based on the requirement of academic institution or awarding body.  This chapter, you have to emphasize to demonstrate the skills before the dissertation or research and after the dissertation.  This chapter helps to assess the skills attained by you through the research.