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Levels Of Strategy

LEVELS OF STRATEGY levels of strategy Levels Of Strategy LEVELS OF STRATEGY
LEVELS OF Strategy: Corporate, competitive and functional


Precisely what direction are we heading and what businesses are we in or do we plan to be in?


How are we planning to be competitive in our selected business?


What Resources as well as skill-sets do we really need to support the corporate and competitive strategies?

Strategy’s Three Key Challenges ?

Beyond Formulation: Results-oriented Strategy Leadership?

Strategic Planning: Overview, Significance & Outcomes 

The Strategic Planning Process: A Fundamental View

Vision, Mission, Value & Objective Statements: What & What Not?

PESTLE Analysis of the Macro-environment: Definition & Purpose

PESTLE Analysis: 6 Core Variables

SWOT Analysis: Definition & Primary Advantages

SWOT Analysis Framework: Internal & External Scan

Competitive Advantage: Cost Advantage & Differentiation

A Model of Competitive Advantage

Five Forces Model: Summary, Significance & Framework

Using The Five Forces Model In Industry Analysis

Generic Strategies: Concept, Framework, Performance & Risk

The Value Chain: Features, Phases, Merits  & Limitations

Value Chain Analysis: Primary & Support Activities

The “Product/Market Matrix”: 4 Unique Growth Strategies

The BCG Matrix: “ Business Growth- Market Share”