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Selection of MBA Research Topic/Title

1) Passion/Interest

The research you are going to deal would help to enhance opportunities in different patterns at different stages of career. Hence, choosing and developing a research title is an important criteria and that should reflect your passion and interest towards research area.

2) Area, Field and Aspect

The passion and interest towards research title tells you which area/field/aspect that profoundly connected to you.

Area (i) =Human Resource Management
Field (ii): Performance Management
Aspect (iii): Employee Stress Causes to Poor Performance

Area (i)= Marketing
Field (ii)= Marketing Mix
Aspect (iii)= Price
• Area (i)= Finance
Field (ii)= Finance Planning
Aspect (iii)= Budgeting

3) Identifying problem in chosen research
In order to construct research aspect, it is highly essential to explore the problems and gaps involved in certain area. The research gaps and problems can be discovered by considering appropriate sources such as previous researches, case studies, issue based articles and journal and others.
4) Generating discovered problems/ideas/gaps towards research topic/title
By understanding and following the tools and techniques explained below will help you to construct a coherent research title.
• Brainstorming by integrating the problems, gaps and ideas
• Concept Mapping
• Discussion with Project Supervisors