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Ethical Issues and Limitations involve in an academic research

Ethical Issues

There are several ethical issues which need to be considered amid the research or study because they determine the credibility and authenticity of a research and play significant role in satisfying the objectives and aims of the study or research.

In this regard, the most common ethical issues that impact research in different terms are being illustrated below;

i) Safety and Security: During the research, researcher ought to need to follow the safety and security regulations of the organization where this could help to build the individual and organization values.

ii) Data protection: The examination data which gathered through diverse sources can’t be uncovered without approved rights. It is unlawful to cross the rules and regulations. This is one of the major ethical issues which regularly occurs in the examination process.

iii)   Respect:  As a researcher, it is most crucial to regard the organization standards, culture, people and different qualities followed by organisation.

iv) Social responsibility: The examination can’t hurt general public, environments, society, organization and others. It is inadmissible and rebuffed if surpasses.


It is obvious that any academic research involves some constraints and they mostly depend on the research topic or aspect and the academic institutions requirements.

However, the limitations that often impact the research are illustrated as follows;

i) Limited literature sources: There are wide scopes of contemporary literature sources to review the research topic more extensively and profoundly, however the research constraints you have to follow are not accepted to carry more literature sources due to word limit and strict rationale.

But still you have potential literature sources to audit the issue or aspect.

ii) Limited to chose segment or sector: It is based on the sector, Industry, organisation and case you intended to take up as a research topic. For instance, if your research is based on multi-national organisation, then you have to explore and analyse the literature sources that fit to the specific issue or Industry.

Hence, it is especially on particular division and particular perspective. There still ought to be carried profound research on the same aspect in different sectors.

iii) Academic constraints: If your research is an academic base, then it is must to follow the constraints of your academic institution. These constraints are mostly about structure/framework, specific methodological approaches, word limitations, time-bounding and others.

iv) Time and budgetary Resources: Planning and meeting budgetary related Resources has been a common challenge for many researches. However, it is more concerned factor in academic research because you hardly get sponsors to your academic research, thereby it is highly important to understand so that you won’t chose the research topic that involves financial burden.