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How To Distinguish ‘Intrapreneurship from Entrepreneurship’ ?

Intrapreneurs are always considered as company employees, but they are given unleash to implement a particular aspect for the company development.

But entrepreneurs are self-employed people, who own business. Generally, intrapreneurs are selected by the hierarchy while entrepreneurs build all of the hierarchy themselves.

There is one more biggest difference between intrapreneur and entrepreneur; ‘intrapreneurs gets support from the primary organisation, but entrepreneur does not.

Moreover intrapreneurs should always need to get an approval for the ideas or any other initiatives from the Senior Executives, while entrepreneur does not need to answer to anyone they have complete latitude to take any decisions at any time.

The table 2.1 shows the comparison of Entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship.

Table 2.1: Comparison of Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs

Trait Entrepreneurs Intrapreneurs
Primary motives Independence, Opportunity to create and Money Independence and ability to advance in the corporate setting receiving the corporate rewards
Activity Direct involvement Direct involvement more than delegation
Risk Status Moderate risk taker,No concern about status symbols Moderate risk taker,No concerned about traditional corporate status symbols-desires independence
Failure and mistakes Deals with mistakes and failures Attempts to hide risky projects from view until ready
Decisions Follows dream with decisions Able to get others to agree to help achieve dream
Relationship with others Transactions and deal making as basic relationship Transactions within hierarchy.

Source: Hisrich , R.D (2002).

There is one advantage of intrapreneurship over Entrepreneurship is that ‘intrapreneur is typically finds a ready source of ‘free’ Resources within the organisation which can be applied to the opportunity being exploited.’

Moreover, Intrapreneur seeks out the organisational slack or fat it into intrapreneurial ventures